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About Us


GLOBAL ANARCHY/ GOA is a streetwear clothing brand on a mission to raise public awareness towards severe global problems. Our team consists of designers, economists and researchers who combine their fields of knowledge to design high-quality fashion garments that contain messages relating to essential topics such as corruption, war, pollution – global warming, hunger, lack of education, irreversible technological progress, etc. Nowadays, the world has more complex problems than ever before, it is so fast-paced that we can’t keep track of it anymore. GLOBAL ANARCHY aims to help keep clarity in this over-complicated world we built and shift the focus towards essential matters.


THE GOA VISION “GLOBAL ANARCHY’s vision is to focus each collection on a particular theme regarding an issue the world is facing. With each collection launch, we invest in world programs working to solve the specific collection problem. We aim to produce high-quality, comfortable garments in Limited Edition Collections only. Therefore, GLOBAL ANARCHY creates a unique mix between streetwear style and a sustainable fashion brand with a positive impact. WE NEED CHANGE. WE ARE THE CHANGE.

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